The Burning of Old Bartle

Saturday 26th August 2017

West Witton, nr Leyburn, North Yorkshire

The Doggerel

On Penhill Crags he tore his rags

Hunters Thorn he blew his horn

Cappelbank Stee happened a misfortune and brak' his knee

Grassgill Beck he brak' his neck

Wadhams End he couldn't fend

Grassgill End we'll mak' his end

Shout, lads, shout!

Are you coming to see Bartle burn?

Burning Bartle - The Merchandise

We regret the Bartle Mugs are no longer available online. Mugs may be available in the village shop (limited stock).

Burning Bartle Mug Bone china white mug with the Burning Bartle logo on one side and the Bartle doggerel on the other.

Better yet, our friends at Stubb's Mugs who manufactured the mugs may be able to supply.